Winter car careAnti-gel
It is a facility, which will not allow diesel fuel to freeze at low temperatures.
This kind of car care products is also used for diesel fuel. If you do not have time to take advantage of anti-gel and fuel had been thickened, defroster will help. It is simply poured into the tank.
Fluid for quick start.
If you encounter a problem of starting of a cold engine at low temperatures, use this fluid.
The moisture remover.
The fuel tank can get wet. This can occur during filling or as a result of condensation of air. In such cases, a special auto care products are used – moisture remover. It consists of various alcohols.
Defroster of locks.
Which motorist didn’t face with this problem? If locks are frozen – just sprinkle them with the drug and it can easily be opened.
The deicing chemicals.
The drug composition contains isopropyl alcohol, sorbitol and other means. It allows to provide a protective film on the glass by its application. Thanks to this film for three days, you shouldn’t worry about icing.

It can be produced in the form of wipes or sprays.