Hey I’m auto week senior road test editor Natalie nuff and for 2012 we are resurrecting our auto files in which we bring you details on some of the most important vehicles on the market from the perspective of owners from data we collect from the track as well as our own assessment after each vehicles been on the market for a few months so for our inaugural auto file for 2012 we bring you. The most important car in the world the Toyota Camry. Let’s take a look and see how easy it is to live with the 2012 Toyota Camry. Toyota sold more than 308000 Camry sedans to U. S. buyers in 2011 and though that’s down 6 percent from the year before it was still good enough to make the Camry the best selling car in the US for 10 years in a row.

 Toyota Camry SE The question is why do so many people flock to the camera. Simple people believe it does everything they needed to do without requiring any thoughts engagement or fuss. Think of it as the Maytag of cars. But what exactly does the Camerini today. More than anything it must be super heard we family friendly which means it needs to get you and your kids where you need to go without worry. To that end we found the rear seats perfectly suited to accommodating both an extra large forward facing baby seat as well as a child’s booster seat with nice flat seat bottoms that allowed both to sit snugly. Cars that both bigger bolsters may feel sportier to adult rear passengers but they make baby seat insulation a more difficult endeavor. We didn’t attempt to fit 3 car seats abreast with the camera does feature upper tether points at all rear seat positions. Now it only has latch acres on the outboards. More info of Camry headlights read at http://u-lightled.com/toyota-camry/headlights.html.

The wide opening rear doors and copious legroom appreciated by adult writers also makes for easier access to the child seat from reaching around to buckle belts to actually lifting your baby up and out of the car we also found the trunk opening wide enough to fit even oversized boxes through easily while the actual trunk extends deep into the car. By comparison the Gen destinadas trunk is slightly bigger while the Honda accords is a tad smaller. Safety is also of utmost importance to the camera buyer so Toyota makes sure to load up its best seller with as many standard features as will fit under its $22715 based. Track numbers however urges important for owners not as important anyway as fuel economy. While in their stead the 2012 Camry SCB 6 test part returned overall average of 24.7 miles per gallon in mixed driving. That compares favorably with the cars combined EPA estimate of 25 miles per gallon and gives the car a range of roughly 425 miles per phila. Overall the Camry delivers exactly what people expect. So it’s not really going out on a limb to guess that the camera will retain its best seller status for another year. Are we Sure to catch all the latest car enthusiasts news that motto we got. And auto week magazine.