2015 Chrysler 200What’s get this out of the way the redesigned Chrysler 200 it is far far better than the 200 and the Dodge Avenger it replaces. That is immediately obvious. It’s also really really lazy because this car is not competing against those cars it’s competing with that court cameras Malibu’s fusions. Whole Lotta very strong competition what matters is how that car compares did them.

First off the 200 looks good it’s better in person than in pictures there’s lots of neat details here like this reflector inset in the wheel arch. But you do pay a price for the styling first off there’s a big wind shield power that comes right into your line of sight like the port fusion Hyundai sonata but 200 has a sleek back roofline. You need to duck to get inside in receipt room takes a hit . Then again they sell plenty of sonatas infusions so maybe that’s not such a big problem . So with the 200 going to out practical a Toyota Camry or Honda accord .

But not everybody needs is cars space not everybody wants 0.25 or a camera.

The 200 interior might certainly win some sales. Very stylish unit Chrysler’s fantastic being U. connect touch screen. In fact we’ve skipped the standard little radio screen and splurge for the big one. No matter what you get tons of storage lever sliding lead and a big under console tray involved with the skyline Detroit. Everything but GM’s headquarters. There’s even a hole for threading through your phone 3 charging cord. One thing that makes all of the storage possible is the dial shift their. That’s connected to the 9 speed automatic that standard in all 200 . Drive train combinations did not impressive at all when we tested the Grand Cherokee.

But more development time in the 200 lighter weight it makes it more like a boy in this car. A top level engine is a 3.6 liter 295 horsepower V6. You get optional all wheel drive with that one. But all of this in great styling in nice interior features in 9 speed automatic.

It all go to waste 200 with crappy to drive good thing is it’s not. 200 also feels solid and substantial. Quiet inside with most versions getting 2 laminated windshield and side glass. And there’s lots of optional safety here including lean since it steers the card back into its lame and forward collision mitigation naked automatically stop the car. Craigslist released quite a garage in new product recently and we think the 200 might be the most competitive one yet. For more incidents check out Consumer Reports online.